About us

The Principal, Steve Mannix, holds a Bachelor of Business (CQU) Degree, is a CPA Public Practice Certificate holder and is a qualified Tax Agent. Steve commenced his working life as a printing machinist, later moving into management. Eventually Steve switched careers and started working as a public accountant.

Choosing your accountant is usually done with a view to a long term relationship. So why should you consider changing accountants?

SDM Accounting & Taxation Services wants to help its clients take control of their financial and taxation affairs. Their background as trades people and small business operators gives them unique insight into the needs and difficulties facing small businesses and small business operators. Their success depends on your success. You can’t separate the business from the family and SDM Accounting & Taxation Services doesn’t view its clients merely as generators of fee income. They won’t send a bill for answering the phone or replying to an email. They work to fixed fees and in most cases will provide a quote before starting the work.

SDM Accounting & Taxation Services offers a wide range of products to help their clients take control of their financial and taxation affairs. They seek to help their clients understand the tax laws as they are applied in their individual and corporate circumstances.

SDM Accounting & Taxation Services are people-oriented and care about their clients.


We are a mobile firm and will come to you. We know you are busy, and rather than you having to take time out of your day to come to us, it’s easier to have a coffee and a chat while we work.

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At SDM Accounting & Taxation Services we cover a broad range of accounting, tax, audit and other business services.