We prepare and lodge Tax Returns for individuals such as salary and wage earners, investment property owners, clients with investments.

Business entities

We prepare the accounts and lodge tax returns for business entities such as Partnerships, Trusts, and Companies.

Corporate set-ups

We can set up your company, trust, and self managed superannuation fund. We attend to the Tax File Number, ABN, and GST registrations. We automatically set ourselves up as the ASIC registered Agents for companies we set up – but you keep the register. We tell you how to update it.

About us

SDM Accounting & Taxation Services is a mobile, boutique accounting firm found on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. It maintains the close and personal client contact one would expect in a small firm - but does so with big firm expertise.

We care deeply about the financial well-being of our clients, hence the motto “Helping YOU take control”.

Hassle-free accounting

Find it hard to communicate to your current accountant?
Does this sound familiar?

I can never get hold of the boss. The boss never returns my calls.

I drop my records in. I hear nothing for months. Then some junior rings me out of the blue asking weird questions about transactions which I don’t have the answer for because I explained all of that months ago!

I get a different person doing my work every year and this person does not understand me, or my business.

I have absolutely no idea what my accountant does, but they charge me heaps for it – and the fees keep going up every year!

I keep getting nasty surprises when I get the fee – even though little has changed from year to year!

Every time I ring they send me a bill!

None of these common complaints raised about accountants can be said about SDM Accounting & Taxation Services
How we offer you the best service

The focus is on your business

Standard operating procedures for SDM Accounting & Taxation Services are to:

  • Return your phone calls and respond to your emails promptly, and the principal is the only one who talks to you.

  • Keep you up to date on the status of your work in progress.

  • Make you aware of the fees we charge prior to our commencing the work.

  • Educate you so that you understand what is being done and why.

  • Maintain contact with you, keeping you up to date on changes to tax laws as they apply to you - so you can do something about it BEFORE the end of the financial year. It’s too late after June 30 to fix things up! Keeping in contact with clients is considered to be part of the goodwill between SDM Accounting & Taxation Services and its clients. Clients won't be billed for making a phone call or sending an email.

Find the service that's right for you

At SDM Accounting & Taxation Services we cover a broad range of accounting, tax, audit and other business services.